Afghanistan’s Militias: The Enemy Within?

The Diplomat, January 4 2017

KABUL — It has been over 15 years since U.S.-led international troops arrived in Afghanistan. Today, beauty salons fill the streets of Kabul and Indian music plays loudly during traffic jams. Yet the news from the provinces is distressing. Afghan security forces are currently engaged in active battle across at least 26 of the country’s 34 provinces. Occasional attacks interrupt the normal daily routine of the chaotic capital, once the center of the secular Afghan aristocracy, now an architectural landmark of the war business.

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In Helmand, Even Pain Has Become a Luxury

Fair Observer, July 28 2016

Lashkar-gah. Hospitals are tough. The disinfectant smell trapped inside these walls, along with that of plastic furniture, would flood anyone with a sense of anxiety. Yet here in Helmand, one of the most troubled provinces in Afghanistan, there is no space for laments and sorrows. “My job is to manage the pain, from the beginning, to the middle and after. Afghans never complain about pain. We have a ward full of kids, and you never see them crying,” says Joseph Rumley, the anaesthesiologist working with Emergency—an international medical charity who provide free health care to the victims of war in the province.

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When ISIS Steals Your School

Warscapes, April 18 2016

Graffiti on the walls of a high school in Afghanistan’s Achin district, some 10km from the Pakistani border, reads: “Islamic Governorate of Khorasan.” Until a short time ago, the voices of diligent students, whose aim is to progress to Nangarhar University in Jalalabad, the provincial capital, were absent here. Instead, the school, financed by the Afghan government and newly painted blue, was home for eight months to many of the Islamic State’s Wilayat Khorasan fighters, the Asian faction of IS now seeking to establish itself in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of other central Asian countries. The fighters took issue, in particular, with what they decried as the school’s role in training future government employees.

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I talebani rispondono alle offerte di pace con un attacco in centro a Kabul

Il Foglio, 19 Aprile 2016

Kabul. Questa mattina un attacco rivendicato dai talebani ha fatto 28 morti e 280 feriti nella zona di Puli Mahood Khan di Kabul, dove si trova il ministero della Difesa. L’esplosivo era nascosto dentro un furgone parcheggiato vicino un ufficio dei servizi di sicurezza speciali afghani (NDS) e l’esplosione ha fatto tremare gli uffici vicini, rimbombando per tutte le zone centrali della capitale.


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