In Helmand, Even Pain Has Become a Luxury

Fair Observer, July 28 2016

Lashkar-gah. Hospitals are tough. The disinfectant smell trapped inside these walls, along with that of plastic furniture, would flood anyone with a sense of anxiety. Yet here in Helmand, one of the most troubled provinces in Afghanistan, there is no space for laments and sorrows. “My job is to manage the pain, from the beginning, to the middle and after. Afghans never complain about pain. We have a ward full of kids, and you never see them crying,” says Joseph Rumley, the anaesthesiologist working with Emergency—an international medical charity who provide free health care to the victims of war in the province.

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When ISIS Steals Your School

Warscapes, April 18 2016

Graffiti on the walls of a high school in Afghanistan’s Achin district, some 10km from the Pakistani border, reads: “Islamic Governorate of Khorasan.” Until a short time ago, the voices of diligent students, whose aim is to progress to Nangarhar University in Jalalabad, the provincial capital, were absent here. Instead, the school, financed by the Afghan government and newly painted blue, was home for eight months to many of the Islamic State’s Wilayat Khorasan fighters, the Asian faction of IS now seeking to establish itself in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of other central Asian countries. The fighters took issue, in particular, with what they decried as the school’s role in training future government employees.

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Baghdadisti a Kabul

Il Foglio, 9 Dicembre 2015

Kabul. “L’obiettivo dello Stato islamico in Afghanistan è eliminare la linea di Durand che separa l’Afghanistan dal Pakistan” e che da oltre mezzo secolo ne avvelena i rapporti, per ristabilire la provincia storica del Khorasan sotto il Califfato di Baghdadi, e anche cancellare le frontiere con l’Iran, il Tajikistan e altri paesi dell’area: “Partiremo da Kabul verso l’Asia Centrale – spiega in un’intervista Bakhtyar, l’emiro assegnato alla provincia del Nangharah, confinante con il Pakistan – Ma per ora ci stiamo focalizzando principalmente nell’eliminazione dei talebani dal paese”. Questi commenti sono stati raccolti dal Foglio grazie a un collaboratore locale. La guerra in Afghanistan al momento è più tra Stato islamico e talebani che contro il governo di Kabul e non si tratta soltanto di scontri militari.

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Former Guantanamo Prisoner Leads Afghanistan’s Fight Against ISIS

The Diplomat, April 1, 2016

ACHIN, AFGHANISTAN. It is nearly breakfast time in the governmental office of the Achin district, in the far east of Nangarhar province. The road from Jalalabad, the provincial capital, is a Mediterranean landscape interrupted by mud-brick fortresses topped by an Afghan flag. Less than two months ago, these very check points were constantly attacked by the Islamic State of Khorasan, the South Asian branch of the Iraq and Syria-based group. Their aim is to conquer Afghanistan, Pakistan and other Central Asia countries.

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In Afghanistan Stato islamico e talebani litigano sul business dell’eroina

Il Foglio, 30 Marzo 2016

Desarak, Afghanistan meridionale. Nel distretto di Achin ci sono circa settanta fabbriche di eroina, a due ore di macchina da Jalalabad, il capoluogo della provincia di Nangarhar che confina con il Pakistan. Le vallate verdi e i campi di ulivi che si attraversano per raggiungerlo ricordano che l’inverno è mite e l’estate torrida, il clima migliore per la crescita del papavero da oppio. I carichi di eroina già lavorata partono da questa zona dell’Afghanistan verso paesi confinanti, come il Pakistan e l’Iran, e raggiungono anche l’Europa, in particolare l’Italia e l’Inghilterra.

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