Laura Cesaretti

Freelance Journalist, Middle East and South Asia


Bachelor in Journalism (2007) and MA Media and Politics Research (2011) from La Sapienza University of Rome.

I worked as an intern for Adnkronos, a national News Press Agency, and then moved to UK, where I pursued an MA in International Politics (2013) at City University of London, with a focus on Security and Strategic Studies.

After the graduation, I decided to move to the Middle East. I travelled the remote areas of the Turkish-Syrian border, reached the neighbouring Iraq Kurdistan, and spent weeks in the Lebanese’s southern villages, writing stories about the Syria humanitarian crisis.

In 2015 I went to Afghanistan, where I worked as a freelance reporter and researcher for two years. After that, Pakistan became home for a short time.

I am now still based in the region, working as Researcher and occasionally writing about security and humanitarian issues.


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